We exist to show all people regardless of their background or journey in life the GRACE of the gospel through Jesus Christ.

Grace is lived out in 3 ways

Grace from above

We receive grace (God’s unmerited favor) from above through the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus. It shows us that all good things come from Him!

Grace breathed in

The grace we receive by faith starts working in our lives; it reveals that although we don’t deserve it, we are loved. Through the Word of God, we learn to boldly honor Him, living for him and humbly resting on His finished work.

Grace breathed out

We give by grace what we have received by grace! We share the gospel so people close and far from God can come to His knowledge and experience the transforming power that is found in Jesus Christ.



Kerlin Calderon

Kerlin Calderon is the lead pastor of Grace Tabernacle Ministries in the New York city. He was born in the Dominican Republic and at the age of 7 his parents moved to New York City. He grew up in the Inwood Heights section of upper Manhattan where he served his local church as youth and associate pastor.

He loves to help his community and it’s passionate to share the love and Grace of God to those around him. His passion to see communities transformed and renewed by the grace of God lead him to plant a church in the Riverdale and Kingsbrigde section of the Bronx. His vision is to have a Christ centered church that displays the richness of the gospel and embraces its community with care and compassion.

Kerlin loves to spend time with his family and enjoys watching the Yankees. He studied at Lehman College and Nyack's Alliance Theological Seminary and holds degrees in administration and religion. He is married to his lovely wife Margie, they have two beautiful daughters Olivia & Aliah Calderon.